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Our comprehensive pest control services cover a wide range of needs and situations, ensuring effective solutions for all your pest-related concerns.

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Ant Control

in Melbourne

Ants are a source of many diseases and pose a health risk to you. We are here to help you get free from them.

Bees Control

in Melbourne

You don’t want itchy and painful bites from these insects, right? We will keep them out of your house.

Wasp Control

in Melbourne

We don’t want your beautiful backyard to be damaged. Our professionals will remove them from your house.

Cockroach Control

in Melbourne

Cockroaches are a common pest in our homes. But no worries, we will remove them from your lovely home.

Fleas Control

in Melbourne

Fleas are one of the common pests that can grow rapidly and bring diseases to your house. We will make sure to eradicate them.

Bed Bugs Control

in Melbourne

Those annoying bed bugs won’t bother you for long. Contact us!

Spiders Control

in Melbourne

No one likes spider webs hanging around and sticking to our bodies. Spiders can also cause infections.

Rodent Control

in Melbourne

Rodents deal great damage to our lovely belongings. Don’t worry! We will keep them out.

Mosquito Control

in Melbourne

Mosquitoes are a major source of deadly diseases. We will make sure they don’t bite you any longer.

Why pest control is important?

Property Protection

Various diseases can be carried and spread to people and animals by pests such rodents, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Some of these illnesses have the potential to be fatal. Infection risk is decreased and public health is safeguarded by effective pest control procedures.

Health and Safety

Pests such as rodents, mosquitoes, and cockroaches can carry and transmit various diseases to humans and animals. Some of these diseases can be severe and even life-threatening. Effective pest control measures help reduce the risk of illness and protect public health.

Some Reasons to work together

1. We believe in Quality- We at “Friendly Pest Control” believe in the utmost quality at an affordable rate.


2. We believe in Relation- Our goal is to establish a never-ending relationship with you so, you don’t have to worry about after-work services.


3. We believe in Expertise- Our Pest inspection reports are a proof of our expertise in our industry.


4. We believe in Punctuality- We are always eager to help you and provide our help on needed time.

Pest Control Service Sector

Our pest control services cater to various sectors, including residential, commercial, and emergency situations.


We at friendly pest control, offer all types of pest control for your home so, you and your entire family can live happily. We treat all kinds and sizes of Residents according to their personalized needs.


Friendly Pest Control offers all kinds of commercial pest treatment services. We reach on time and remove pests from your offices so, your employees can work without worry.


If there is a sudden infestation in your place, friendly pest control will come immediately and send our group of professionals to remove them at just your one call. We specialize in Emergency Big Killer Services

We Provide 24/7 Support
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At “Friendly Pest Control” we deliver safe and reliable pest removal services across Melbourne. Our services are of the best quality and budget-friendly to your pocket. Our expert team will remove all pests from your place in an environment-friendly way.

We provide a customized solution to your problem by properly accessing your property before starting our miraculous treatment. We believe in building relations so; you don’t have to panic even if something happens post-treatment, we come to help you again. We also continuously improve our services by asking you for your valuable feedback.

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Keeping your home free from pests is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. In our latest blog post, we share some valuable tips and strategies to help you achieve a pest-free home.

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We Provide 24/7 Support And Same Day Services

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How long will pest control last?

Whether you use a mite control treatment or a beetle pest control technique, the total impact of the pest control treatment will last 4 to 5 months. Also, at “Friendly Pest Control” we provide post-work services and provides suggestions to prevent pest infestation in the future.

What is the cost of Pest Control in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the average cost of pest control services can be as low as a few hundred dollars to as high as a few thousand dollars. At Friendly Pest Control Services, you get world-class pest infestation services as per your budget. Also, it depends on the location, size of the property, and extent of infestation.

How Often Should I Get Pest Control Services?

The frequency of treatment is ideal if done every 3 months. You can take our quarterly services which ensure maximum benefit in the long run. Also, don’t try treat to them regularly as it creates problems in the long run. Our advice would be to go for quarterly services which are best for you.

Are insect pests a big problem in Melbourne?

There is a high extent of pest infestation in Australia, most people living here have some type of pest infested in their house. However, you don’t have to worry, Friendly Pest Control services are with you. We remove every single pest from your house.

What type of Pest Control Services Offer?

Pests are a huge problem in Melbourne, and having proper pest control treatment is a must in Melbourne. We at Friendly Pest Control make personalized solutions as per your needs. Our services include
Ant Control
Cockroach Control
Spider Control
Fleas Control
Bees & Wasps Control
Rodent Control
Termite Control
Bed Bugs Control
Mosquito Control

What type of Chemicals do we use to treat your property?

We mainly use environmentally friendly and certified products to treat your property. Our preferred treatment includes biological method, physical method, and chemical method depending on the extent of infestation and other factors. We use pesticides such as insecticides for weeds, rodenticides for rats and mice, fungicides for fungus and mold, and much more. However, we suggest you take professional help and don’t try these chemicals on your own as the wrong quantity and process can even make the problem worse.
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