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Mosquitos are one of the most dangerous pest insects that should be removed. They act as a vector and transmits deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, etc. Their bites are also painful and sometimes create skin problems. Also, mosquitos ruin people’s nights making them sleepless and less productive throughout the day. At “Friendly Pest Control”, we help you to get rid of these small, deadly creatures. Our experience and expertise in this field help to evacuate mosquitos from your house completely. We have special modern equipment, certified specialists, and years of experience that make us stand out and give better credibility in the market. We provide personalized mosquito treatment solutions that help our customers in achieving their aim of a healthy ecosystem.

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After you reach us with a mosquito treatment request, one of our licensed mosquito pest control experts will visit your site and do an inspection. During location, we’re mainly searching for stagnant water sources in your place. Also, our professional will check the extent of the infestation to determine the type of treatment we need to apply. Based on our report we will create a personalized plan as per the extent of your infestation. Our plan includes all the details such as time duration of treatment, type of mosquito, guidelines for people living in the infested area, and more. At “Friendly Pest Control” we use a variety of methods to completely eradicate mosquitos from your place. Our top methods include non-chemical methods, biological control methods, physical control methods, fogging, and if necessary, chemicals control also as per your personalized needs.

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