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We're a team of hardworking and dedicated professionals that offer world-class pest control services in South Yarra at a budget-friendly rate.

Pest Control Service Sector

The management and eradication of pests from residential, commercial, and industrial environment.


Friendly Pest Control, South Yarra, offers your resident the best quality pest control services. We remove insect pests from your house completely.


Friendly Pest Control provides the best pest control services in South Yarra. We provide commercial pest management services and remove insect pests from your place.


Friendly Pest Control is always available for customers, whether it's sudden pest infestation, post-treatment issues, or any other emergency. A friendly Pest Control team will be there in no time.

Lovely Customers

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We use Friendly Pest Control service at our apartment complex, and they solve all our pest problems in one go. They're highly skilled, professional and treat our tenants with respect. They have good work ethics. I highly recommend Friendly Pest Control; they make my life stress-free as a property manager.

Elizabeth Sofia

Friendly Pest Control is a very professional, honest, and dedicated service. We lived in South Yarra and had a huge problem with spider and their webs. On the recommendation of our close friend, we take help from Friendly Pest Control. And this is by far one of the best decisions. They had removed all the spiders and webs from our place.

Amelia Mia

I recently booked Friendly Pest Control in South Yarra for cockroach removal from my workplace; I'm happy with their services. I like how they give customized solutions by properly inspecting the property. They're very professional and dedicated to their work. I recommend Friendly Pest Control to everyone.

Charlie Cooper

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some common questions and their answers to provide you with the information you need.

About Us

Friendly Pest Control is a world-class pest management company based in South Yarra and many other places. We deliver world-class pest control services in South Yarra. We’re a team of highly qualified individuals who offers solutions to all your pest infestation problems.

Reasons For Choosing Us

Friendly Pest Control is the most reputed pest control service provider in South Yarra. We provide top-notch services to our clients at very affordable rates. Our professionals are always ready to help you remove harmful toxic pests from your life.

After thoroughly inspecting their location, we provide customized solutions to our valuable customers based on their requirements. We developed long-term relationships with our customers. You won’t have to worry about post-treatment issues.

We’re the most reliable Pest control service provider in South Yarra. Our rapport in the place is our identity. Our customer referrals have made us the most trustworthy company in South Yarra. You can read our client feedback and contact us for more.

The rate of pest control services depends on multiple factors, such as the property's location, level of infestation, property size, and many other factors. However, we ensure you the best quality services at the best affordable rate.  

We remove all the insect pests from your place. Our technician will inspect your building, and then we'll do a complete pest management process that is best for your environment. 

We recommend an annual checkup of your property for its optimum safety. However, if you live in pest-infestation-prone areas, you can use our quarterly services to ensure better protection.

Insect pests are responsible for various diseases, including asthma and allergies. Periodic treatment of the home gives better protection from any issues caused by these harmful creatures. Contact us for the best protection of your home and your loved ones who live in it.

We're one of the most trusted and reliable pest control in South Yarra. We only use experts approved and recommended products. For more information related to products, you can get in touch with us.

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Health & Safety

Insect pests are toxic and hazardous to health. Pests such as rodents, mosquitos, etc., spread life-threatening diseases. We at Friendly Pest Control in South Yarra remove all these harmful pests and ensure optimum safety.

Prevents Property damage

These insect pests cause severe damage to your property. Pests such as carpenter ants, termites, etc., can destroy your precious belongings. Contact us and make your precious belongings safe from these toxic creatures.  

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