Honey bees are crucial for agriculture industries. Rearing honey bees is also beneficial because of its economic value. However, they can also create trouble for people nearby them. Bees can be dangerous for kids, and other family members as well. Having a beehive in your place might be problematic for your children and old citizens of the family as they have less tolerance for the stings of bees. Also, most of the honey bees in Melbourne are exotic ones, the native ones are wiped out by the introduction of European species. The native plant species are not beneficial to these exotic species. These honeybees need to be managed. When some bees escape from manageable hives, they risk the entire honey industry by becoming feral. You can save them by not allowing them to take over your place and contact professionals like us. Apart from honey bees, if you even identify a wasp nest in your place then also you can contact us without a second thought. 

We at “Friendly Pest Control” have many years of experience in providing safe honey bee and wasp treatment services for the residents and offices of Melbourne. Irrespective, of the size of these pests and the extent of their infestation, we can completely eradicate them from your place so, you and your loved one can live happily and stress-free. 

Different types of Bees

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At “Friendly Pest Control”, we are learned and skilled to use proper methods and equipment to remove pests like bees and wasps from your property. Our method varies as per the size of the nest/hive, extent of infestation, and location as well. As part of our bee management services, we will seal off all entry and exit points used by bees to enter your structure. To avoid any risks, we employ safety wear and equipment during the removal process.

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