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We're highly skilled professionals that provide the best-quality pest control services in Oakleigh at an affordable rate.

Pest Control Service Sector

Pest control services aim to effectively manage and eliminate pests in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


Friendly Pest Control provides Oakleigh's best pest control services for your personal need, such as kitchens, houses, etc. We remove all insect pests from your home. You can live worry-free.


Friendly Pest Control offers the best commercial pest management services in Oakleigh. We provide all types of commercial pest control services for your workplace.


We at Friendly Pest Control understand our client's requirements and are always available for a sudden pest attack, mosquito problem, or any other need. We'll be there on time.

Lovely Customers

Testimonials from Our Valued Customers!

1. Friendly Pest Control provided amazing service to my pest problem. Their whole team was highly knowledgeable, prompt, and skilled. Their treatment process was effective, and they ensured long-lasting results. Their services are fairly priced and of standard quality. Customer service is excellent. Recommended to everyone!


2. I recently booked "Friendly Pest Control" for Ant removal from my kitchen. They came to my home the next day on time. Their technician inspected the whole place. They sprayed their magical solution throughout the kitchen. My kitchen is now Ant-free, and I can enjoy cooking my favorite dishes. Thank you, very much friendly pest control. I highly suggest this company to anyone facing any pest infestation problem.


3. We had a severe cockroach infestation in our restaurant. Friendly pest control had completely removed them from my restaurant. Their team arrived at the scheduled time and did their entire procedure. Now, my restaurant is a cockroach, and more customers started to visit our restaurant. All thanks to "Friendly Pest Control." I highly recommend them to all my friends and those needing pest management.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered a set of frequently asked questions along with their corresponding answers.

About Us

Friendly Pest Control is an elite pest management company. We deliver top-class services to our clients. We’re a company of skilled professionals who can quickly solve your pest infestation issues. If you want pest control in Oakleigh, contact us now!

Reasons For Choosing Us

Friendly Pest Control is the most renowned pest control company in Oakleigh. We offer top-quality pest control services at a very competitive range. Our team of expert professionals can remove all the pests from your property. 

Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we give customized solutions to your problem by properly inspecting your property. We believe in everlasting relationship building with our customers, so whenever you need us, we’ll be there in no time if you’re looking for pest control in Oakleigh. Your search ends here.  

The cost of services depends on many factors, such as the property size, level of infestation, place of property, etc. However, we ensure exceptional quality services at competitive prices at friendly pest control.

We eradicate all harmful insect pests from your property. Our team members will properly inspect your property, and then we'll remove them by chemical, biological, or any other method based on the need of your environment. 

We recommend at least an annual checkup of your property for optimum safety; however, if you live in pest-prone areas, you can go for quarterly or every six months service to ensure the optimum safety of your loved ones. 

Friendly Pest Control only uses environmentally friendly, expert-approved pest management products such as Pyrethroids. With our services, you don't have to deal with any post-treatment side effects.

Insect pests cause several illnesses, including infections, asthma, and skin disorders. To be safe and happy, treating your home regularly with proper pest control measures is best.

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Prevents Property Damage

Insect Pests are harmful and destructive and may cause damage to your costly belongings as well. Termites can destroy your furniture; carpenter ants can damage your property and are enough to tear your property apart. At "Friendly Pest Control," we remove all of them from your property.

Health and Safety

Insect Pests such as mosquitos, rats, and cockroaches are a major cause of many chronic diseases. This insect pest acts as a vector for most of these ailments. We at "Friendly Pest Control" eliminate all these pests from your life and ensure they'll not disturb you.

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