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In Melbourne, most residents are facing the issue of infestation of different ant species. Their presence in the house is hazardous for health as they act as a carrier for germs and bacteria. Also, it creates the problem of contamination of eating stuff and cooking utensils. If these little creatures are left untreated, they create many other problems such as nesting in electrical wiring, air conditioning units, refrigerators, stoves, etc. Mostly in Melbourne black, brown, Argentine, and Coastal ants are found. These species have mostly been attacked in kitchens, pantries, homes, garages, buildings, etc.  These ants create small invader that also attracts other, species and creates a problem for the people living in the house. These tiny species prefer warm temperatures and change their place according to a suitable environment. Also, they are very social creatures and live by making colonies. If you haven’t faced these creatures in your house then you’re very fortunate, Otherwise, if there is even any symptom of them just call “friendly pest control” and save your loved ones from any suffering and problems.

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Friendly Pest Control provides pest control services in Melbourne. We carefully monitor and manage the infestation effectively. Ants generally get entry into your home through small cracks and holes in walls, window sills, and doorways. Our experts at friendly pest control have a proper understanding of the ants, their lifecycle, and behavior patterns. So, you can easily get rid of ants and never see them in your house again. Also, we find their entry point and apply the most powerful and effective method to eliminate they. Our powerful formulations which we use on your property and the ideal combination of traps and baits can completely remove the nests of ants and their presence from your property. If you have any queries, you can schedule an appointment with us or simply call us.

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